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What does justice really look like?

To many it is a making "right" of what has been "wronged".

Is it an apology? A legal sentence? A repayment of debt?

What about those who cannot receive this type of justice? Wheather it's beause the villians in their story are ghosts of the past, or simply refuse to make things right, what then?

Are we willing to allow someone (or a group of someones) keep us from our power? As long as we are holding ourselves in victimhood we are not empowered. We may not have consciously chosen the trauma we have experienced as individuals and collectively, but we are 100% responsible for healing it. Do we wait for justice to be served outside of ourselves, or do we do the inner work?

How can we find forgiveness for those who have hurt us and create a life of peace, joy and prosperity?

I believe it starts in the heart.

Empathy, compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love, can heal even the deepest of wounds.

As we heal ourselves, individually, we heal our ancestry, and we do our part in healing our collective.


Let Freedom Ring

By honoring your autonomy, I promise to honor your ability to navigate your own life's path and discern what is in your highest and best good.

By honoring your truth, I promise to honor that which you have grown to know about yourself and the world around you.

By honoring your sovereignty, I promise to honor your power to create, consciously, a world you wish to experience and leave for future generations.

By honoring your freedom, I promise to honor your choices, even if I would choose differently.

I choose to honor personal free will and choice, always.



One of my favorite things to reflect on is the process of conditioning that takes place during the first decade (or more) of our lives.

We come into this world a fresh new being and immediately begin downloading information. Some of it is inherited through our DNA, the rest is through our environment, family and community. We take it all in and adopt it, (and for many of us) without as much as a question of whether or not it is in alignment with our own truth.

As we become aware of the ways we have been conditioned, to faulty belief structures, toxic behavior patterns and dysfunctional coping mechanisms, we have the opportunity to make conscious choices of where to invest our energy and how to align to our own personal truth.

As we say "yes" to our own healing, we do our part in healing the collective.

From this space of alignment, within ourselves we are able to embody our own truth, which is where we have the most empowerment.

Alignment + Embodiment = Empowerment!

It all starts with consciousness.


The Gift of Compassion

In the polarity that is present in our 3-D reality, it is easy to slip into patterns of self righteousness, or see things as right or wrong, good or bad, light or darkness, villians or victims, which only contributes to the illusion of separation.

The path to unity and peace requires us to recognize when we are operating in fear or judgement and move into a space of empathy and compassion for ourselves, and for each other, which can only take place in the heart. ♥​


Hello World

Please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Anna Lynnea Axlund but this name, this title, does not fully encompass "the ALL that I AM".

I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, friend, a companion and community member.

I am a healer, a teacher, and a GODDESS of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

I am not here to heal you but to heal myself and support you in doing the same.

I am not here to teach your through lessons and literature but to walk beside you through your own personal experience in this life, on this planet we call home.

I no longer aspire to be something you aspire to be. I simply aspire to BE ME, 100% in my authenticity.

My LOVE begins with myself and extends out into my family, friends, clients, mentors, community, humanity, to Mother Earth and all of her creations, out into the cosmos, and across multiple dimensions.

I am here to integrate new ways of BEing onto our planet and into our culture. That which is not based in "thinking" and "doing", but rather, "knowing" and "being".

I walk a spiritual path that does not fit within religious structures. My spirituality has been hand stitched together through my passion, my purpose and my direct relationship to the DIVINE.

I hold mastery in moving energy in the quantum field of infinite possibilities and I do this with absolute ease, efficacy and integrity.

I AM so grateful and blessed for the opportunity to BE HERE NOW, to evolve my soul and serve my purpose! In doing so, I do my part in healing my ancestry, humanity and Mother Earth!



In My Queendom

In my Queendom I honor my value of Freedom by giving myself permission to choose what I believe is in my highest good.  By expressing my truth and creativity through words, movement, art, affection and love.

In my Queendom I honor my value of Wellness by being mindful of my thoughts and how they affect my mental, emotional and physical health.  By being present in the moment, without regret of my past or worry for my future.  By being open to all possibilities and continuously learning about the ever-expanding world within and around me.  By being conscious of my exposure to foods, beverages, products, environments, energies, people, information and entertainment that are not in my highest good.  By honoring my body, a magnificent and beautiful temple in which I express the human existence.  By listening to it's feedback and exploring the root cause of my physical discomfort and dysfunction.  By moving in ways that bring me liberation, ecstasy, joy, confidence, strength and empowerment.  By allowing myself to feel and express my emotions deeply and in my own way.  By honoring the emotions of others without allowing them to dictate the choices I make for my highest good.  By tuning into my inner knowing for guidance and trusting the guidance, support and protection of my spiritual allies.  By honoring my relationship with Mother/Father God above all.

In my Queendom I honor my value of Prosperity by knowing my own divine worth and being receptive to the unlimited abundance of money, time, wisdom, education, gifts, love and blessings available to me.  By generously sharing my time, money and support with people, businesses and causes of my choice.

In my Queendom I honor my value of Reciprocity by expressing gratitude for my family, friends, tribe, clients and community members that love, honor and believe in me. By engaging, loving and honoring my family, friends, tribe, clients and community members in which I share reciprocity.

In my Queendom I am honored to create the life of my dreams in Freedom, Wellness, Prosperity and Reciprocity!


My Magick

The path of an entrepreneur is not always easy and for me it has been more than a job but a journey of self discovery. It started as a way to help others and make money. To make my own schedule so I can be with my family. For a time it became quite the opposite for me due to inherent beliefs that I must sacrifice all to succeed. I found myself spread out so thinly that my relationships, my will and my body were failing. I reeled it all back in to reevaluate my direction. To align with my source, my soul and connection to my higher self who was there all along. But I was too busy to hear her sweet song. From this space of love and knowing my worth, I bloom in my magick. I am ready to serve!



The time has come for integration!  "Science and spirituality", "allopathic and alternative medicine", "ancient wisdom and modern technology".  For centuries there has been duality when it comes to health and healing.  The time has come to integrate for the good of all!

My journey in the "health" industry began in allopathic medical administration.  There is so much I am grateful for my experience in working in an urgent care/family practice for ten years!  Most of all was the passion and dedication of the medical providers and their assistants.  Witnessing their selfless commitment in helping others is what inspired me to pursue my own career in wellness.

Working in a long term acute care hospital shed light on a side of healthcare I would have never known otherwise.  It showed me the resilience of the human body and just how close we can come to death and still recover.  It is also the reason I have so much respect for nurses and CNAs.  I am so grateful for their dedication to caring for the sick and dying!

With that said, my journey eventually brought me to understanding the benefits of alternative medicine and holistic healing.  To see the value in addressing the big picture of wellness and all of the different aspects that affect our physical health and well being.  What I discovered is there are no "silver bullets" and no "one size fits all".  That two people with the exact same "dis-ease" can have completely different paths to wellness.

I am here to say, "IT IS TIME!"

It's time to stop looking at only one side of what's possible.  It's time for integration.  It's time for full transparency.  No more hidden agendas to make money.  There is more than enough space and resources available for modern medical science, spirituality, natural medicine and ancient healing methods.  There is no reason to hide, sensor or gaslight the truth any longer.  If our intentions are genuinely in the highest and best good of humanity we will end this duality and integrate our resources in wellness.

It is time!


This is me

This is me in my truth.

It has not been an easy journey.  Through the unraveling and unbinding of the lies that I have believed.  Lies I've told myself and lies my culture tells me.

This is me in my authenticity.

Yes, this is the real me.  Aligned with the light within me, I shine bright for all to see.  Does this mean I don't have bad days, or troubles to foresee?  Of course not, I just choose to work on them in private or with those I've selected to support me.

This is me in my sovereignty.

It has not been easy to achieve.  It has taken looking at myself objectively and recognizing where I dishonor myself, my gifts, my strengths, my worth and have been terrified to be seen.  My inner wisdom tells me that I am an expression of the divine.  That I am here to serve a purpose and now is the time.

This is me in service.

Aligned with my souls path.  I am honored to serve Mother/Father God, Earth and humanity.  It is not solely through my actions or my words that I may serve, but through my being, through my love, through my compassion and most of all through my standing in my truth and my own sovereignty.

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