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Anna Axlund

Owner & Holistic Wellness Practitioner

Anna 2023 Headshot.jpg

"My path to holistic wellness began, working in western medical administration. I had worked my way up from front desk, to management, where I found myself experiencing burn out for the first time. Affected by chronic fatigue and widespread pain by my early thirties, I set out to heal myself naturally. I could clearly see where the western medical model was not addressing the root of my suffering. I went back to school and earned my AAS in personal training. Exercise, nutrition, yoga, and mindfulness, were very powerful tools on my journey.

I was introduced to sound therapy and energy medicine in 2017, and was astonished by my somatic response. Naturally I wanted to share this practice with the world.

I serve to guide my clients on their path to healing and personal transformation by providing a non-judgmental, and supportive space for reflection, insight and personal development."


Professional Attributes:

  • Multidimensional and Highly Intuitive
  • Energy Medicine Practitioner/Reiki Master
  • Sound Therapist - Specializing in Tuning Forks

Anna's Offerings


Sound Therapy

Allow me to bathe you in the harmonic sounds of crystal and tibetan singing bowls, energy chimes, tuning forks, and more!

Tuning forks are like surgical instruments for the energy field and are used to clear, balance and optimize, the chakras, meridians, organs, and endocrine system.

Other benefits of sound therapy include:

  • Energy clearing
  • Nervous system balance
  • Detoxification
  • Emotional support


Intuitive Soul Coaching

I am honored to walk beside you on your healing path and offer a safe space for reflection, affirmation and guidance.  Let's unpack what you're working on and help you to find the clarity you need to create a life of good health, peace, prosperity and joy.


Mentorship in Working with Energy

Work with me one-on-one to develop skills in specific areas of energy practices.

Mentorships include:

  • Psychic develpoment - learn how to master your own intuitive gifts and abilities and use them to do good in the world
  • Reiki energy healing - learn how to use your hands to direct life force energy and promote healing for yourself and others
  • Tuning forks - learn how to clear, balance and optimize you mind, body and spirit using frequencies of sound
  • Sacred Space - learn how to clear and maintain the energy your a home or office.  Set clear intentions for what you would like to experience in these spaces
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